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Anon: Ripley book project

Anon: Ripley book projectA resource for professionals working with sexually abused children and young people

Anon: Ripley book project (PDF, 3.08MB) is a collection of stories, poetry and pictures by a group of young people who met through an NSPCC service that helped them come to terms with the experience of sexual abuse.

Through creative expression, the book charts their course from being abused to where they are today. Reflecting the pain and the process these young people had to go through, the purpose of the book is to help other young people realise they are not on their own; to know that there are others who share their experience, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The book is intended for professionals to use with young people over the age of 12 who are in therapy after being sexually abused. The content of this publication is very moving but also quite graphic at times, so discretion should be applied in its use. Tailoring it to the needs and maturity of each individual young person may mean that only selected pages are used in therapy sessions.

The project was funded by the Toyota Charitable Trust.

Anon: Ripley book project (PDF, 3.08MB)