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Big Birthday

Many thanks for your interest in The Big Birthday.

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This event was held in October 2012, however there are many ways that schools can help fundraise for the NSPCC and ChildLine.

Schools fundraising

We have a small team of specially trained School Organisers working in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and they are renowned for their interesting, informative and inspirational assemblies, which can provide a starting point for raising awareness of child abuse and bullying.

Pupils are also invited to join in with a fundraising activity. Our fundraising is structured and involves a minimum input from teachers and staff. Staff are delighted that they do not have to do anything at all - the NSPCC schools organiser takes care of everything.

Every school and every child's efforts are recognised and we feel it is vitally important to return to make a 'thank you' presentation in a further assembly when the event is complete.

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