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NSPCC Hall of Fame 2004

Emily Watson 

Emily Watson is a highly-acclaimed British stage and film actress, most notably know for her debut film role in Lars Von Trier's Breaking the Waves, for which she received an Oscar nomination. In recent years she has appeared in films such as Angela's Ashes, Gosford Park, Punch Drunk Love and Synecdoche New York.

Why Emily was nominated into the NSPCC Hall of Fame

Emily has campaigned tirelessly for a Children's Commissioner for England - and the appointment of a Children's Commissioner shows her hard work as the figurehead of the NSPCC's campaign has not been in vain.

Emily launched and spearheaded the campaign, which included a visit to Sweden to meet the Swedish Commissioner. Her continued involvement with the NSPCC helped keep the issue at the forefront of the political agenda.

Emily said:

"Tickled as I am to find myself in such luminous and athletic company, the real star here is the NSPCC. It's a pleasure to campaign on their behalf, and a privilege to be counted as one of their champions. Lets hope they achieve their goal; cruelty to children must end."

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