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Alan Shearer OBE

England and Newcastle football icon and dad of three, Alan Shearer, became an ambassador for the NSPCC in October 2006. He described it as “the kick-off to my most important role yet.” Alan has been an active supporter and highly valued fundraiser for the NSPCC since he helped to launch the FULL STOP Appeal in March 1999.

Alan completed his testimonial year in 2006 and donated over £400,000 to the NSPCC as one of his main benefitting charities. He retired from football in 2006 and now has a successful media career and is training as a football coach.

Alan's fundraising also includes donation of speaker’s fees, auction of his private box at Newcastle United FC, loyal support of NSPCC golf days and donating valuable footballing memorabilia. In 2002 the boots he wore to score his 250th goal for Newcastle raised £5,600.

A regular atendee at both NSPCC and ChildLine Balls, Alan has been unfailingly generous with his time and effort. At the 2008 NSPCC Ball he launched 206 individually numbered and detailed bottles of champagne that celebrated his 206 goals for Newcastle FC, raising over £60,000. At the 2008 ChildLine Ball Alan donated three seperate coaching sessions to village teams, raising £16,500. In total, Alan’s efforts have raised over £200,000 for NSPCC’s work with vulnerable children.

As with our other ambassadors Alan appreciates the importance of corporate support in helping to make a difference to children’s lives and has helped the NSPCC secure key corporate partnerships.

Reflecting his commitment, he was inducted into the first NSPCC Celebrity Hall of Fame in April 2004.

His involvement with young people is extensive; he provides coaching and mentoring to youngsters through Football in the Community links; promotes the Junior Golf to young people through a local golf club, supports their events and attends prize giving evenings.

Alan Shearer says:

"As a father the NSPCC is close to my heart and it horrifies me to think of the many thousands of children still being abused out there. There is nothing more important than stopping this. Your action counts."

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