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Comment: New government report looks at child protection failings

Child protection system is failing neglected children and vulnerable teenagers

A committee of MPs examining child protection in England has said that more children who are at risk should be put into care.

The report, from the House of Commons Education Select Committee, highlighted issues around too many children being left in circumstances of "long-term, chronic neglect".

The MPs suggested that too often the parents of neglected children were given multiple chances to change and yet failed to - at the cost of their children who weren't given the support and safety they needed.

The report also raised concerns about a gap in provision for older children, which could leave them vulnerable to the predatory behaviour of adults.

Lisa Harker, NSPCC head of strategy, said:

"Too often the child protection system fails older teenagers. Though some may look more like adults they are still children and it can't be assumed they can take care of themselves or know who to ask for help.

"The Committee's focus on child neglect is welcome as we know it is the main reason why children are subject to child protection plans. And often professionals see teenagers as more resilient so they can be left in neglectful situations for too long."

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More children should be in care, say MPs (BBC News)


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