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"In Wales and across the UK, we're transforming our services for children, young people and their families. A lot has happened over the past year. We have announced where our new service centres will be located in Wales, and decided which programmes will be delivered from these centres.

"In some cases, we have already started to deliver innovative programmes, which focus on safeguarding and protecting children from abuse. I look forward to continuing to develop these to bring about lasting change for vulnerable children across Wales."

Des Mannion, head of NSPCC services for children and families in Cymru/Wales.

About our work in Wales

We have service centres in Cardiff, Prestatyn and Swansea, which provide direct services to children and families across Wales. The centres are designed to be places where children can feel safe and supported and better able to overcome the trauma they have experienced.

The work we do in our service centres concentrates on the most important issues affecting children and groups of children who are most at risk. Read more about our overall approach to what we do, or contact your local team for more information.

Find out about how NSPCC services produces an impact for children living locally:

Local impact statement for Wales (PDF, 8.6kb)

Cardiff service centre

Our team in the Cardiff service centre (Diane Engelhardt House), delivers the following projects:

Prestatyn service centre

Our team in Prestatyn delivers the following projects:

Swansea service centre

Our team in the Swansea service centre, Tŷ Findlay, delivers the following projects:

Child protection systematic reviews: CORE INFO

CORE INFO (child protection systematic reviews) is a collaboration between the NSPCC and Cochrane Institute of Primary Care and Public Health, based at Cardiff University School of Medicine.

Using systematic reviews it is possible for the most important and well founded evidence to be highlighted so that professionals can make informed decisions.

Leaflets are avaliable on key topics related to child abuse and protection:

  • fractures in children
  • bruises on children
  • emotional neglect and emotional abuse in pre-school children
  • oral injuries and bites on children
  • head and spinal injuries in children
  • thermal injuries on children.

The leaflets are suitable for professionals in all areas of practice, free of charge and in English and Welsh.

Our UK-wide services

Find out about our UK-wide services, including the NSPCC Helpline, ChildLine and the ChildLine Schools Service.

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