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East Midlands

Sandra Lescott-Robinson"Welcome to the NSPCC in the East Midlands! My role is to oversee all our local services and help build and maintain our partnerships with organisations across the East Midlands. It is hugely rewarding work.

"There are 3,651 children of all ages on a local authority child protection plan in the East Midlands (at 31 March 2012). We are currently developing new service centres to help the most vulnerable local children and families who need our protection and support."

Sandra Lescott-Robinson, head of NSPCC service for children and families in the East Midlands.

About our work in the East Midlands

We have service centres in Leicester, Nottingham and Peterborough, which provide direct services to children and families across the region. The centres are designed to be places where children can feel safe and supported and better able to overcome the trauma they have experienced.

The work we do in our service centres concentrates on the most important issues affecting children and groups of children who are most at risk.

Read more about the overall approach to what we do, or contact your local team for more information.

To find out about how NSPCC services produces an impact for children living locally,
download the Local Impact Statement - East Midlands (PDF, 8.8kb)

Leicester service centre

Our team in the Leicester service centre offer the following services:

Nottingham service centre

The Nottingham team offer the following services:

Peterborough service centre

The Peterborough team offer the following services:

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