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Services for children and families

Providing support, advice and help for children and families across the UK

The NSPCC has over 40 service centres across the UK where we work face to face with children, young people and families who need our help.

Each local centre offers a combination of services, such as offering support to help parents and families care for their children and therapeutic assistance to help children move on from abuse.

Our services focus on the seven key areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference.

Working with children, families and professionals

We work directly with children, parents and professionals to protect children and support families.

Providing tools to help social workers deal with neglect

Supporting parents in caring for their children

Protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation

Helping children recover from sexual abuse

Providing specialist support for minority ethnic families

Supporting children in care

Helping families with parents who misuse drugs and alcohol

Reducing the impact of domestic abuse on children

Working with families with parents with mental health issues

Supporting young witnesses to give evidence in court

Services in your area

Services are provided through our local centres across the UK:

Providing the best services for children

By using our knowledge to show others the way forward, we can help many more children.

We test the effectiveness of every service and share our learning with other organisations who are working to protect children.

We also test new professional assessment tools which will help social workers and practitioners improve their practice.

Your support makes it possible

Thanks to you, the NSPCC's work touches every community in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Together, we protect children from harm. Together, we help to transform the lives of those children who have experienced abuse.

You make it possible for us to provide services directly to children.

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