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Our helplines’ achievements

The NSPCC helpline and ChildLine provide help and support to thousands of adults, children and families

Year on year, we're increasing the number of calls and online contacts we're able to answer through the NSPCC helpline and ChildLine and we're helping to protect more children.

We've increased the number of call bases, recruited more volunteers, and used better technology to speak to more children who need help.

More calls to NSPCC helpline

In 2012/13, the NSPCC's helpline spoke to nearly 51,000 people worried about a child. More than 26,000 of those contacts resulted in a referral to the police or children's services to enable them to assess further, investigate and take action to protect a child where necessary.

With our help, these local agencies were able to do more to look after vulnerable children. What's more, around one in three of these cases were not previously known locally. So without the NSPCC helpline, thousands would have been at even greater risk of abuse.

We also provided advice and guidance in respect of more than 24,500 contacts to the helpline to help people safeguard children.

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Key statistics: 50,989 contacts received

1 The data on the number of children involved in advice calls is not collected but we assume that contacts involve an average of two children.

2 Based on 46,464 contacts in which we have data about the concerns.

3 The remaining 22 per cent of contacts relate to a range of concerns including child health, family relationships and adult behaviour.

1.5 million contacts received by ChildLine

With your support, we've helped more children than ever. In 2011/12 ChildLine's volunteer counsellors received 1.5million contacts from children in need of support. This included 1.2million calls and 270,000 online contacts.

Children contacted us about a whole range of worries from bullying to exam worries to abuse. Self-harm saw the biggest increase in contacts and is now the fourth most common reason for young people to contact ChildLine.

The ChildLine website received 1.85million visits - an increase of 36 per cent from 2010/11. Children can also contact us:

ChildLine 0800 1111

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