General election 2019: our calls to the next government

We're calling on the next government to keep children on the political agenda

Young boy leaning against a wallMany children in the UK are doing well. They grow up in supportive environments, with the material and emotional support they need for a safe childhood and a bright future.

But this is not the case for every child. We know from the children who reach out to our Childline service that too many young people's lives are affected by abuse and neglect.

We're committed to being there for all children and we want the next government to be there too. We want all children to get the best start in life, and it's essential that children facing adversity or at particular risk of harm get the support they need.

What we're calling for

We want the government to…

    • Ensure support for parents struggling with their mental health
      Get behind our Fight for a Fair Start campaign. Recognise that pregnancy and the early years are crucial periods for child development and invest in a modernised healthy child programme and early intervention programmes to give children the best start in life.
    • Tackle domestic abuse
      Bring forward legislation that recognises the devastating impact experiencing domestic abuse can have on children and places a duty on local authorities and their partners to make sure specialist services are available to children and families who need support.
    • Make social networks safer for children
      Respond to our Wild West Web campaign by bringing in legislation to create a tough, independent regulator and imposing a legal duty of care on sites to protect their young users.
    • Invest in children
      Close the growing funding gap that is undermining local authorities’ ability to make sure children and families can get the right support at the right time no matter where they live.
    • Support children who’ve experienced abuse
      Help children recover from abuse by ensuring they can access high-quality mental health and therapeutic services. When cases go to court, young victims and witnesses should always get support throughout the criminal justice process so they can give their evidence without being re-traumatised.