New dedicated helpline to support gymnasts with concerns of child abuse

We’ve joined forces with the British Athletes Commission to provide free, confidential support and guidance to anyone involved with gymnastics who has safeguarding concerns.


The British Athletes Commission (BAC) has partnered with us to launch a new dedicated helpline that will support with concerns of abuse in British Gymnastics.

The launch of this free, confidential helpline follows many current and retired gymnasts bravely speaking out about concerns of bullying and abuse.

Through the new helpline, trained NSPCC counsellors will offer support and guidance to children, young people or anyone involved with gymnastics who has safeguarding concerns - whether they're funded athletes, former funded athletes, community-level athletes or parents.

The helpline is a safe space for whistleblowing and will offer athletes the opportunity to contribute into the recently announced Independent Review at the appropriate time.

Helpline details

If you've been affected, or have concerns about mistreatment in gymnastics, please contact the BAC helpline on 0800 056 0566.

From 01 March 2021 onwards, please contact our main Helpline.

This dedicated helpline is the first component of the newly-established Athlete Support Unit being set up by the BAC following recent allegations.

The Unit will offer full administrative and welfare support to cases referred to it, and will provide end-to-end support to athletes and families affected by the allegations of abuse.

The BAC will release further details of its Athlete Support Unit at a later date. BAC members can continue raise concerns directly with the BAC Athlete Support team via [email protected].

Sam Little, BAC’s Head of Athlete Support, said:

“We want to provide a safe place for athletes and others to come forward and seek support and advice. Anyone who has experienced or is experiencing abuse in gymnastics, or who has concerns about the welfare of any gymnast should call this NSPCC helpline – by doing so, you are helping make sport a safer, more welcoming place for the athletes of tomorrow.”

Peter Wanless, NSPCC Chief Executive, said:

“The reports emerging from gymnastics in recent weeks have been extremely disturbing – so, with the BAC, we’ve launched this dedicated helpline as it is absolutely vital that anyone who has suffered abuse has the opportunity to speak out and get the help they need.

“We would also urge anyone involved in gymnastics who has safeguarding concerns to contact the helpline. We are grateful to the BAC for their support and commitment in setting up this important service.”

Abuse can stop with a call to the NSPCC Helpline. Will you help us answer every call?


*This is a true story but names have been changed to protect identities and any photographs are posed by models.