Strength and conditioning for cycling events

If you've signed up to take part in one of our cycle challenges, find out more about training to make the most of your experience.

Building endurance

The ability to cycle long distances, also known as endurance, isn't easy. Your body needs to be strong and conditioned. The good news is that research shows how effective regular exercise can be. By doing strength and conditioning work on your body once or twice a week, you'll start to see an improvement in your performance over a period of time. 

Strength and conditioning

But when it comes to strength and conditioning, it helps to bear in mind that we are all unique, and have different needs. These extra exercise sessions don't have to take up a lot of your time but every little helps. The idea is that once you start to condition your body, it gets easier to handle all the miles you put in during training, and on the big race day itself. Each week, aime to do 1-2 sessions of conditioning work, which should each take around 20 minutes. 

Give it a go

Try the following routine over the next few weeks and see the improvements in your cycling. Don't forget to take your time, concentrate on each exercise, and enjoy yourself!

Cycling: strength and conditioning video