About us What we do, who we are and how we're fighting for every childhood

We're the leading children's charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands. We help children who have been abused to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find the best ways of preventing abuse from ever happening.

How we're fighting for every childhood

Our organisation and structure

How we're organised to take on the fight for every childhood.
Our organisation and structure

Our performance and plans

Our new strategy outlines 5 goals for 5 years, to make 5 million children safer. With your support, we can change children's lives.
Our strategy for 2016-2021

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Get contact details for support and information
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Press office

Contact our national and regional press offices for enquiries about our work or to request interviews
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Working for NSPCC

Interested in a job with the NSPCC? Search our vacancies and join the fight for every childhood as a part of our permanent staff.
Working for NSPCC

We're preventing abuse

We work with families when they're going through difficult times – like battling addiction or overcoming mental health problems. We offer all kinds of support – from helping new parents care for their baby to giving professionals the tools they need to assess neglect.

We're visiting primary schools and helping children understand what abuse is and giving them the confidence to speak out and seek help if they ever need it.

We're helping parents keep their children safe through campaigns like the Underwear Rule and Share Aware.

We're working in every community in the UK and Channel Islands - including yours.

How abuse changes childhood

Abuse can have a devastating effect on a child’s development, with effects lasting into adulthood and affecting society; we're here to prevent that abuse happening.
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Children's stories

Real life stories of children who've experienced abuse and other difficulties – and how we have helped them.
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Preventing abuse

Find out about types of abuse, the child protection system and access our research and resources
Preventing abuse

Services for children, families and professionals

We work face to face with children, young people and families who need our help across the UK.
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Child Trafficking Advice Centre (CTAC)

If you're worried that a young person may be a victim of trafficking, contact us for free advice and support.
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We're protecting children

Every 10 minutes someone contacts the NSPCC helpline.

Our counsellors are there 24 hours a day, to help parents, professionals and anyone worried about a child in the UK. We will listen to your concerns, offer advice and support and can take action on your behalf if a child is in danger.

Every 25 seconds a child calls ChildLine.

Our volunteers have conversations that mean we can protect children in abusive situations by getting them the help they need, when they need it most.

NSPCC helpline

Through the NSPCC helpline, we offer help, advice and support to thousands of parents, professionals and families.
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Our ChildLine service offers help and support to thousands of children and young people whenever they need us. 
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Donate now

When a child is free from abuse, they’re free to dream again. Your donation can take a child anywhere.

Help a child like Alfie

We’re transforming children’s lives

If a law needs to change, or if more needs to be done to protect children, we demand it. The fact we’re independent – relying on our supporters to fund our work – means we can push for change when others can’t.

Since 1884, we’ve made headlines but – more importantly – we’ve made a difference. 

Our campaigns

Our campaigns help keep children safe and make sure their voices are always heard by those in power.
Our campaigns

What we stand for

We’re standing up for children, demanding that laws change and action is taken to better protect them.
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Order in Court

We're campaigning for vital changes to make our justice system fair, age appropriate, and fit for children.
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We’re learning about what works

We have to do everything we can to understand child abuse. So that means finding answers to difficult questions. Like what makes child abuse more likely to happen? Learning about what works in the fight against child abuse and neglect is central to what we do. 

Impact and evidence hub

Find out how we evaluate and research the impact we’re making in protecting children, get tips and tools for researchers and access resources.
Our impact and evidence

Research and resources

Read our latest research, leaflets, guidance and evaluations that share what we've learned from our services for children and families.
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Information Service

Our Information Service provides quick and easy access to the latest child protection research, policy and practice. 
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