How your money is spent

Find out how we use the money you generously give in the fight for every childhood.

With so much of our income coming from your fundraising activities and donations, we make showing you where the money is spent a priority.

We receive more than 90% of our funding from generous supporters. Amazing people like you, who believe in our work - believe that every childhood is worth fighting for.

How you support our services

Big or small, your gifts and donations make a difference to the children and young people we help through our services.

  • £5 could buy paints to help a child who has been abused to express their feelings and begin to feel like themselves again
  • £12 could pay for 3 children to speak to a Childline counsellor
  • £25 could pay for a trained practitioner to deliver 1 hour of support through the NSPCC helpline to adults worried about a child
  • £160 could pay for a Pregnancy in Mind practitioner to help new parents with the ups and downs of having a baby. We can support them to provide sensitive and responsive care to their babies.
  • £600 could pay for the NSPCC Schools Service to talk to 1 classroom of primary school children about abuse and where they can find help if they ever need it
  • £750 could cover the cost of 1 child on our Letting the Future In programme, which helps children and young people overcome the effects of sexual abuse.

5 goals for 5 years

Over the next 5 years, we plan to make 5 million children safer.

Our plans for 2016-2021

Our promise to you

Your support helps us change children's lives for the better. That will always be our priority.
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Over a 12 month period in 2014/2015:

11,554 children and families have received our innovative services across our 42 service centres.

Through our School Service we reached over 400,000 children, up from 278,700 the previous year.

We’ve received over 61,000 contacts from adults worried about children this year.

Piece by Piece

Executive pay

The fight for childhood is a joint effort. We need to make sure that we attract, and keep, the best skilled and experienced staff. 
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About us

What we do, who we are and how we're fighting for every childhood
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What you can do

From requesting a Letter from Santa, to volunteering for our services, there are many ways you can help us in the fight for childhood.
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Every call is a chance to stop abuse. Support the NSPCC helpline and help us stop children suffering in silence.

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