Together for Childhood

Bringing communities together to fight for every childhood.

Child abuse is preventable, if we all work together. We work hard to provide services that help children who’ve experienced abuse go on to live safe and happy lives.  But to make a lasting difference - we must also prevent child abuse from happening in the first place.  

Together for Childhood is our long-term project working with local communities to make them safer for children. We help local partners and families come together to prevent abuse and tackle the problems that cause it, head-on.

Watch our video to see how this approach brings people and services together. 

How does Together for Childhood work?

Every community is different. That’s why each Together for Childhood site is specially run by a local team. They work to strengthen and build new relationships between partner organisations such as local authorities, charities and schools.

Working with the community, the partners in each Together for Childhood area look at what’s working well, how organisations are working together and what can be done to build on that.

Then, together, we test new ways to prevent abuse that are tailor-made for the community’s needs. This can be through public awareness campaigns, events in schools, engaging with communities, and direct services for children, young people and families.

Together for Childhood communities focus on either:

  • preventing child abuse in families facing difficult situations like domestic abuse, drug or alcohol misuse and mental health problems
  • preventing child sexual abuse.

Where is Together for Childhood available?

Pavilion 2 Rowan Business Park
Ardlaw Street
G51 3RR

T: 0141 440 6300

Freshney Green Primary Care Centre
Sorrel Road
North East Lincolnshire
DN34 4GB

T: 01472 803 500

213 Basford Park Road

T: 01782 958100

Brunswick House
1 Brunswick Road, Cattedown

T: 01752 422577

Why do we need to come together for childhood?

We estimate that more than half a million children suffer abuse or neglect in the UK each year. We must have an unrelenting focus on identifying what works in preventing abuse and neglect from happening.

At the heart of our Together for Childhood service is continuous learning and improvement. 

Imagine a community that uses the best of what social care, schools, community groups, police and the NSPCC are already doing to prevent abuse. By working together and combining these skills, we can find earlier and better ways to support children and families.

A community where there is less abuse is one where:

  • places where children spend time are made safer
  • adults take action to keep children safe
  • children know what abuse is and are able to speak out
  • there is early and effective action if problems do arise.

What's next for Together for Childhood?

The progress we make to prevent abuse today will keep children safer for generations to come.

We will test the Together for Childhood approach to learn what works best and continue to improve it. If it’s successful, it can be repeated not only across the UK but around the world.