Neglect Research and resources

Below is a selection of our child protection research, leaflets, guidance, evaluations and safeguarding resources on neglect.

Evaluation of Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

What works in building parenting skills and confidence to help tackle child neglect. Part of the NSPCC's Impact and evidence series.


National evaluation of the Graded Care Profile

Findings from our national evaluation of the Graded Care Profile (GCP) assessment tool helping practitioners spot when a child is at risk of neglect. Part of the NSPCC's Impact and evidence series.


Hurting inside: learning from the NSPCC helpline and Childline on neglect

What children are telling us about living with neglect and key statistics on contacts to our helplines about child neglect. 


Spotlight on preventing child neglect

What works in preventing child neglect. Part of the NSPCC’s Impact and evidence series.


Realising the potential: tackling child neglect in universal services

Sets out a model showing the way universal services practitioners can provide effective early help for child neglect.


Thriving communities: a framework for preventing and intervening early in child neglect

Concrete actions for national and local decision-makers and commissioners to help stop child neglect.


Evidence Based Decisions in child neglect: evaluation of a new approach to assessment

Findings from an evaluation of our Evidence Based Decisions review service to support practitioners’ decision-making for children experiencing neglect. Part of the NSPCC's Impact and evidence series.


SafeCare: evidence from a home-based parenting programme for neglect

Evaluation of the SafeCare parenting programme focusing on the different perspectives of referral agencies, practitioners and parents. Part of the NSPCC's Impact and evidence series.


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Learning from case reviews - Returning children home from care: learning from case reviews

Lessons from case reviews published since 2010, which have highlighted lessons for returning children home from care.


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Legislation, policy and guidance

Details of legislation, policy and guidance about child neglect in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Facts and statistics about neglect

Child neglect is the most common form of child abuse, but it isn't always easy to identify.

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