Children not educated in school: learning from case reviews Summary of risk factors and learning for improved practice

Child pushing toy lawn mower in playgroundMany families choose not to send their children to school for a variety of reasons. This choice is usually made by parents acting in the best interests of their child. However a lack of clarity among professionals about the rights and responsibilities of those who choose not to send their child to school has meant that a very small number of carers are able to use home education as a means to isolate a child. Professionals and the home education community need to be aware of the risks around safeguarding and what action can and should be taken to protect those children who are at risk of abuse.

Learning from case reviews

Our series of thematic briefings highlight the learning from case reviews. Each briefing focuses on a different topic and pulls together key risk factors and practice recommendations.
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Case reviews

Find out how to find published reports and what learning comes from case reviews around safeguarding children.
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