Girl by wallWe're all responsible for reporting concerns about a child's welfare. In Northern Ireland it's also an offence not to report an arrestable offence, including those against children, to the police. There are specific reporting guidelines and procedures in place for people who work with children.

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If you think a child is in immediate danger

Don't delay – call the police on 999,
or call us on 0808 800 5000, straight away.

Referrals and investigations

Outlines the referral and investigation process for child protection in Northern Ireland.
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Care proceedings

Explains the care proceedings process for children in Northern Ireland.
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Case management reviews

Details what case management reviews are, the case review procedure in Northern Ireland and how lessons are learnt.
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The Northern Ireland Executive is responsible for child protection in Northern Ireland. They set out policy, legislation and statutory guidance on how the child protection system should work.

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Research and resources

Research, reports and resources for anyone working in safeguarding and child protection.

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How we're fighting for every childhood

Information Service

Our Information Service provides quick and easy access to the latest child protection research, policy and practice. 
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Keeping your child safe

Information for parents and carers about the NSPCC helpline and Childline in Northern Ireland and how. we can help you

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Child protection training and consultancy in Northern Ireland

We have a range of Northern Ireland specific training courses and a consultancy service that can help you grow your child protection knowledge and skills.
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Information for child protection professionals in Northern Ireland

Read our guide about the NSPCC’s helpline and Childline services and how we can work with you to protect children and prevent abuse and neglect.

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