Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Child Assessing and reducing the risk of sexual abuse

This service is no longer being delivered, but we have carried out an evaluation. On these pages you can find out how the service worked and what we've learnt.

Children’s services departments and courts often have to make difficult decisions about who children can live with and have contact with.

If a man isn’t in the criminal justice system but there are concerns about or convictions for sexual abuse in his past, they need to know exactly how much risk there is to children that he might live with.

Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Child is a service for assessing the risks to children in situations like these, so we can help the courts or children’s services make the best decision for the child.Man and a woman talking earnestly

How it worked

We would interview a whole family where the man has been accused or convicted of a sexual offence.

We wanted to get the full picture of how they’re doing, what they’re feeling and what kinds of help, support and monitoring they might need for the man to be in safe contact with the child.

The children’s wishes are really important so we would have up to 6 sessions with them. We explored their wishes, feelings and views about their family and contact with the man. We checked what they know and understand about the man and the situation through activities like sand play, art and craft and general discussion.

We could then help the man change the way he thinks and behaves, and make a plan for him that will keep the whole family safe.

Evaluating the impact

Find out how we're evaluating Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Child.

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