Life Story Helping children look back, so they can move forwards

Children in care may not understand why they don't live with their birth parents or the reasons for them entering care. This can have a very negative impact on their mental health.

Through our Life Story Work, we work with looked after children where there are some concerns about their emotional wellbeing. We help them build a clear sense of their identity, and better understand what's happened to them and help them get back on track.

Life Story helps children in care boost their self-esteem. 

How it works

We work with children aged 10 to 17 who may have had multiple placements or may not understand why they came into care. The aim is to help the child build their self-esteem, whilst providing the facts in a way that helps them understand the past.

Celebrating a child or young person's achievements is a big part of Life Story. We recognise the resilience they've shown by overcoming adversity and help them to see themselves in a positive light.

The service can last 6 to 9 months. By the end, the child will have produced a product (such as a book or a film) but they will need to continue the work going forward. We will explore who can support them in continuing their Life Story Work.

Evaluating the impact

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