Pregnancy in Mind Supporting parents during pregnancy and the first year after birth

pregnant womanPregnancy in Mind is a new, preventative mental health service for parents-to-be that has been developed based on the latest evidence. The service is designed to support parents who are at risk of, or experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression during pregnancy and the first year after birth.

Parents-to-be are able to attend between 12 and 28 weeks gestation (the middle trimester of pregnancy). This links well with our Baby Steps programme (a perinatal education group intervention), which begins at or after 28 weeks gestation, so that parents can get high quality support with their mental health as well as preparing for parenthood.

Pregnancy in Mind has 2 core elements:

  • an antenatal group intervention delivered by professionals during the middle trimester of pregnancy
  • a peer support programme delivered by a team of volunteers and a volunteer manager that takes place both in pregnancy and across the first year after birth.

How it works

Pregnancy in Mind aims to protect against the impact of parental anxiety and depression during the perinatal period through building relationships, knowledge and skills, which will help parents to manage any difficulties they are experiencing. The ultimate objective of this service is to build parents' capacity to provide sensitive, responsive care to their babies - and help parents keep these new skills up as their children develop. This contributes to our overall goal of ensuring that babies are safe, nurtured and able to thrive. 

The programme is underpinned by 5 core evidence-based themes:

  • mindfulness meditation
  • active relaxation
  • psychoeducation and coping skills
  • social-support
  • tuning-in to baby (also called mind-mindedness).

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Who Pregnancy in Mind is for.

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