Protect and Respect Protecting young people from sexual exploitation

Protect and Respect supports children and young people aged 11 to 19 who have been, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited.

Sexual exploitation of children is a complicated issue, which is constantly changing. And texting, email and the internet means it can often be hidden. 

That's why it's vital we help children so they're less vulnerable to sexual exploitation, however it happens. And help those who've experienced it to rebuild their lives.

Protect and Respect offers 3 levels of support

1. Protection

We educate young people about keeping safe. And help them understand what child sexual exploitation and grooming are compared to a safe, loving relationship.

2. Risk reduction

We help young people who we think are at risk by supporting them to secure and maintain a safer environment and a more stable lifestyle.

3. Recovery

We support young people who have been hurt but are now in a safe place and need to make sense of what’s happened. We help them understand that sexual exploitation is abuse and it’s not their fault.

How it works

Assessing the young person's needs

A specially trained NSPCC social worker meets with the young person taking part in Protect and Respect.

They spend up to 6 weeks getting to know the young person and carrying out an assessment.

The assessment looks at:

  • how risky a young person’s life is at the moment
  • their wellbeing
  • the impact of what they might have already experienced.

We use this assessment to help decide how best to work with the young person and adapt the service to their individual needs.

Giving the right support

We offer a combination of:

  • 1-2-1 sessions
  • group work
  • multi-agency safeguarding work with people including teachers, police officers, nurses and youth workers
  • advocacy support, helping young people to get the support they need from school, health services and the courts.

If the young person agrees, we'll also work with a safe parent or carer to help them understand what child sexual exploitation is, its impact on their child and how they want to move forward.

A young person usually takes part in Protect and Respect for 6 months, or longer if we feel they need more help. If we feel the service isn't suitable for them, we'll help them find other support services.

Evaluating the impact

Find out how we're evaluating Protect and Respect.

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Where Protect and Respect is available


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Who Protect and Respect is for.

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