Hear and Now - Referrals At a glance

Hear and Now provides therapeutic support to children aged 4-18 who professionals are concerned about. The child must meet one of the following criteria from A or B:


  • has been in contact with a known individual or alleged person who poses a risk of sexual harm
  • has a history of disclosure and retraction
  • has a history of sexual abuse in their extended family.


  • be seen as withdrawn, depressed or isolated
  • have a gang member in the family
  • be a sibling of a child who has disclosed or retracted sexual abuse
  • have been identified by professionals or services as having problems and/or being at risk due to their vulnerability or behaviour.

How to get help from NSPCC services

Sometimes you may be referred to one of our services by someone who already helps you, like a midwife, social worker, teacher or children's centre worker. You can join some of our services yourself, simply by contacting us to see if a place is available.

If you think a service that is available in your area might help you and your family, get in touch to find out more.

Where Hear and Now is available


020 3772 9905


028 2044 1690


01634 564688

Newcastle upon Tyne

0191 227 5300


01733 207620


0114 228 9200


01793 683 100


01925 873 000

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