Parents Under Pressure™ - Referrals At a glance

Parents Under Pressure™ is for primary carer parents (the main person who looks after a child) who:

  • are attending a treatment programme for drugs or alcohol misuse

with children who:

  • are under five years of age.

They must also be able to understand spoken English.

We’re testing Parents Under Pressure™ to see what a difference it makes for families. In some areas, we’re working with Warwick University to measure its impact by using a randomised controlled trial (or RCT).

If you would like more information about the randomised controlled trial contact the research team at Warwick University on 02476 150 508 or 07824 541 002.

How to get help from NSPCC services

Sometimes you may be referred to one of our services by someone who already helps you, like a midwife, social worker, teacher or children's centre worker. You can join some of our services yourself, simply by contacting us to see if a place is available.

If you think a service that is available in your area might help you and your family, get in touch to find out more.

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