AGENDA: a young people’s guide to making positive relationships matter Supporting young people to raise awareness of gender inequalities, sexual harassment and violence

Teenagers in a parkAGENDA is a free online toolkit developed with young people, for young people. It supports them in how they can safely and creatively challenge gender inequalities and oppressive gender norms, both of which are the root cause and consequence of violence against girls and women, homophobia and transphobia. AGENDA has equality, diversity, children's rights and social justice at its heart, and supports young people's rights to speak out and engage as active citizens on issues that matter to them. It is available in English and Welsh.

Authors: Cardiff University, Children's Commissioner for Wales, NSPCC Cymru, Welsh Government, Welsh Women's Aid

Published: 2016

AGENDA includes a wide range of activities and resources, and links to further information. The guide has been designed so that 11-18 year olds can explore the issues they are interested in at their own pace. It showcases the different ways in which young people in Wales and across the world have raised awareness of how gender-based and sexual violence impact upon their lives and the lives of others, about issues such as:

AGENDA includes:

  • starter activities to help young people think about what matters to them, and what they would like to change
  • suggested ways to take action, including examples of social media campaigns, online petitions, creative and performing arts, fan activism, youth groups and research
  • case study examples of how young people in Wales have addressed everyday sexism and sexual harassment
  • advice about project planning, getting started with a project and how to deal with negative comments
  • annual awareness raising and remembered dates dedicated to addressing gender and sexual inequalities, discriminations and violence around the world
  • advice about staying safe and where to go to for support
  • the story behind AGENDA, who has supported the guide, and how it can be used.
Forewords 3
Section 1: What is AGENDA? 5
How to use AGENDA 10
Section 2: Getting started 11
Section 3: Keepings safe 15
Section 4: Ideas for change 20
Section 5: Young people making a difference in Wales 35
Section 6: Putting your agenda into action 67
Section 7: Remember remember 72
Thank you 73

Download the AGENDA toolkit and resources in English


Download the AGENDA toolkit and resources in Welsh


How AGENDA was developed

In 2015, when the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Act was passed, the Welsh Government worked with Welsh Women’s Aid to publish guidance for education practitioners on how to promote gender wellbeing and gender equalities for respectful relationships (Welsh Government, 2015).

A key part of this practitioner guide encourages young people to actively start up or get involved in local and global campaigns to stop gender-based and sexual violence in their schools and communities. To support young people, we worked with Cardiff University, Welsh Women’s Aid, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales and Welsh Government to produce AGENDA.

"I am really pleased that we have supported this guide for children and young people as well and I hope that it will encourage you to take action and do something creative to make positive changes that will benefit you. I am sure that this will be a major step towards our goal of ultimately eradicating violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence."

"It was really good making other kids aware of what girls go through – and it made us feel better."

"We had no idea when we first started talking about what mattered to us, that we would end up making these amazing things – and things that opened people’s minds on what sexual harassment can really feel like."

Please cite as: Renold, E. (2016) A young people's guide to making positive relationships matter. [Cardiff]: Cardiff University, Children's Commissioner for Wales, NSPCC Cymru, Welsh Government, Welsh Women's Aid.

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