Deliver NSPCC services in your area Scale-up Unit: supporting organisations to deliver evidence-based services

Learning about the best ways to protect children is at the heart of what we do. But we know that helping more children, when resources are diminishing, is a challenge for everyone. 

We've launched our Scale-up Unit because we believe we can achieve better outcomes for many more children if we work in partnership to put more evidence into practice. We also want to learn what works for others implementing our services.

What is scale-up?

    • Developing, delivering and testing our services
      We learn what works by 'scaling-up' so we can reach more children across the UK.
    • Supporting partners to deliver our services
      This can include training, consultancy and resources and implementation support.

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Services we can help you deliver

Baby Steps

Helping parents cope with the pressures of a new baby.

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Domestic Abuse, Recovering Together (DART™)

Helping children and mothers strenghten their relationship after domestic abuse.

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Graded Care Profile 2

Asessing the care of children and identifying neglect

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Letting the Future In

Helping children who have been sexually abused.

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Decision-making tools

We also offer bespoke support to help local areas confidently deliver these frameworks.

Harmful sexual behaviour framework

An evidence-informed framework for children and young people displaying harmful sexual behaviours.

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Reunification practice framework

Helping social workers make decisions on returning children home from care.

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How we grow a service

1. Concept

It all starts with an idea, and asking some important questions. What problem are we trying to address? What evidence can we learn from?

2. Develop

Through collaboration and consultation we prepare the ground for the service and work out how to evaluate success.

3. Delivery for feasibility

Out of the greenhouse, into the garden. We pilot the service to weed out any barriers to successful outcomes, and to test whether it's feasible to roll out.

4. Delivery for evaluation

Has feasibility shown promise? If so we extend delivery to more service centres to test further.

5. Knowledge exchange

Whether they wilt or thrive, all new services help us learn more about what works. We share that knowledge by working with our partners and providing expert advice.

6. Scale-up

We scale-up successful services by training and supporting other agencies. Together, we'll help more children and more families thrive.

How we use evidence to inform our services

In the last 5 years we've learned a huge amount about how to innovate, based on current evidence. We refined our development process from what we've learned.

The services we develop are based on best evidence, with evaluation embedded from the outset.

Find out more about how the NSPCC is using evidence and evaluation, visit Impact and evidence.

Impact and evidence

Find out how we evaluate the impact we're making. Get tips and tools for researchers.

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