Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Child Referrals

Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Child is suitable for an adult male with no diagnosed learning disability who has either:

  • a historical conviction or caution for a sexual offence
  • a finding of fact (a Family Court hearing) made about their sexually inappropriate behaviour
  • allegations of sexual abuse which if substantiated would indicate risk of significant harm to a child

and is either:

  • living with or planning to live with children, or
  • has, or is planning to have, close contact within a family setting with children (e.g. as a grandparent).

The child or children must have either a child protection plan in place, or have been identified as a child in need under the Children Act 1989.

We also work with the safe carer. This could be his partner, the mother or carer of the children subject to the assessment, a family member or member of his close support network whose children are the subjects of the assessment, who:

  • has no known history of domestic violence with the adult male who is being assessed and
  • is not currently subject to any other assessment of parenting capacity.

Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Child has been jointly produced with the Sexual Behaviour Unit in Newcastle.

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