Hear and Now Helping children who may have been sexually abused

girl drawing1 in 3 children experiencing sexual abuse during childhood do not tell anyone about it.

Hear and Now is a new approach which provides therapeutic support to children and young people who professionals have concerns about. 

They may display worrying signs that something is wrong and sexual harm is a background feature. 

Hear and Now aims to help address the behavioural and emotional difficulties they face.

How Hear and Now works

The weekly sessions aim to help children resolve troubling experiences they may not have told anyone about. We explain that they can use the time to work out their feelings, so we can help them feel better. 

We see children aged 4 to 18 in our specially designed service centres. Each child will be assigned an experienced social worker trained in therapeutic work. Sometimes children don't understand their feelings and don't have the words to describe how they feel. Younger children can do things like messy play. Writing, storytelling and art are all things that children of any age can use to help them understand and express feelings that they can't put into words.

Our sessions are tailored to meet every child's individual needs. Building a therapeutic relationship is central and, over time, they will get to know us and learn to trust us with their worries and concerns. The aim is to help children feel better, understand why they feel the way they do, learn that adults can be trusted, and to help them understand how to seek help in more positive ways. 

We also talk to their parents or carers to help the whole family. They're offered some individual support sessions and may also attend sessions together with the child. 

Keeping children safe

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Where Hear and Now is available


01925 873 000

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Our services help children and families who need support. With your help, we can make sure even more children are safe from abuse. 

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