Speak out. Stay safe.

Our programme (formerly Childline Schools Service) teaches primary school children to speak out and stay safe from abuse.

Helping a generation of children stay safe

Our Speak out Stay safe programme gives a generation of children the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse and neglect. 

Pupils are taught to speak out if they are worried, either to a trusted adult or to Childline.

About our programme

Speak out Stay safe, offered at no cost to schools, teaches children aged 5-11 about safeguarding in a lively, interactive and memorable way. 

With the help of our mascot Buddy, the child-friendly, interactive assemblies and workshops help children:

  • understand abuse in all its forms and recognise the signs
  • know how to protect themselves.

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How it works

Speak out Stay safe is delivered by trained NSPCC staff and volunteers. Teachers are present throughout the assembly so everyone's familiar with the topics covered after the visit.

We hold an assembly presentation for children aged 5-11, followed by a 1 hour classroom workshop for children in years 5/6 (England and Wales) and P6/7 (Scotland and Northern Ireland). We can also deliver the assembly bilingually in Wales.

Before the assembly, we can talk to you about any specific needs and requirements pupils may have. We've also adapted our programme for special schools.

The programme links directly to the curriculum, helping schools meet their statutory requirements.

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We're protecting a generation of children against abuse, one primary school at a time. Play your part and help children stay safe.

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"My daughter came home empowered and enlightened because of your assembly and your powerful message. She was singing the helpline number all evening and talking about Buddy. Thank you for taking your important message to the children. It is truly amazing and effective work that you do."
Tosin, parent

What children learn

The Speak out Stay safe assembly helps children understand about different types of abuse so that they can get help if or when they need it. This includes talking about neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and bullying.

The assembly helps children to identify a trusted adult they can speak to if they are worried about themselves or a friend. They also learn about Childline, and how the service can support them.

During the workshops, children in Years 5-6 (Primary 6-7) explore the definitions of abuse in greater depth. They take part in engaging exercises, including looking at different scenarios and deciding whether they are OK or not OK.

What the assemblies cover

Reception, Years 1 and 2
(Primary 1-3)

Years 3 - 6
(Primary 4-7)

How you can support us

We believe it's important that our Speak out Stay safe programme is available to every primary school at no cost to the school.

As a charity we can only do this thanks to our many generous supporters and amazing volunteers.

We can build in a number of exciting fundraising activities for schools into the programme.

If your school would like to do this, we’d love to discuss the many ways that we can help with fundraising to keep even more children safe.

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Helping parents keep children safe

father with boy and girl

It can sometimes be difficult to talk to your child about topics like abuse, but we're here to help. From talking PANTS to protect your child from sexual abuse, to advice about staying safe online, find out how you can keep children safe.

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