Speak out. Stay safe.

Our programme (formerly Childline Schools Service) supports specially trained volunteers to talk to primary school children about abuse.

About our programme - formerly Childline Schools Service

We’ve launched our Speak out Stay safe programme so that a generation of children have the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse and neglect. We're aiming to reach every primary school in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man – and we’d love your school to be next.

How does it work?

Our Speak out Stay safe programme, offered at no cost to schools, will ensure all children aged 5-11 learn this essential safeguarding information in a lively, interactive and memorable way. By the end of our visit we know pupils feel empowered and can speak out and stay safe.

With the help of our mascot Buddy, the programme provides child-friendly, interactive assemblies and workshops to help children:

  • understand abuse in all its forms and recognise the signs of abuse
  • know how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse
  • know how to get help, and the sources of help available to them, including our Childline service.

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We aim to reach every primary school in the UK

Explanation: We're expanding our Speak out Stay safe programme with the aim of reaching every primary school in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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We're protecting a generation of children against abuse, one primary school at a time. Play your part.
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How is the programme delivered?

Speak out Stay safe is delivered by specially trained NSPCC staff and volunteers. It consists of an assembly presentation for children aged 5-11 followed by a one hour classroom workshop for children in years 5/6 (England and Wales) and P6/7 (Northern Ireland and Scotland). In Wales, the programme can be delivered bilingually.

The programme links directly to the curriculum, helping with your school's responsibility to provide evidence that they are meeting statutory requirements.

How your school can support us

We believe it's important that our Speak out Stay safe programme is available to every primary school at no cost to the school.

We aim to talk to 1.5 million children every year through the programme. But as charity we can only do this with the help of our many generous supporters.

We can build in a number of fundraising activities into the programme. These are not only exciting for your pupils but will also mean we can help keep even more children safe.

If your school would like to do this, we’d love to discuss the many ways that we can help you with fundraising.

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