Here for children

No child should have to cope alone. That's why whatever's going on in the world, whatever they're facing, we're here for children.

Right now, we know that many children are not coping. 

Every day, we hear from children who are feeling isolated, struggling with their mental health or suffering abuse and neglect. They're dealing with pressures no child should have to face, burdened with worries no child should have to carry. 

Our Childline service listens to and supports children, and gives them a safe space to turn to. Whatever they're facing, we're here to show children that they matter, that we understand and that they're not alone. 

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How Childline is here for children

0030- 900 x 506.jpgMental and emotional health remains the top concern for children and young people contacting Childline. 

0046 - 900 x 506.jpgOn average, a child contacts Childline every 25 seconds.

0789 900 x 506.jpgWe supported children with over 200,000 Childline counselling sessions last year.

Sioned's story

My home life was always chaotic. My parents argued a lot and when I was 13 they split up and my dad moved out. I was trying to function as a normal teenager but it was hard to pretend that everything was OK.

If I hadn't had Childline to turn to then I would have maybe killed myself or gone down the wrong route in life. They saved my life so many times.

How you can help

Children shouldn't have to cope alone. Whatever they're facing, Childline is here to listen. But we can only be here with your help.

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