The Childhood Day Mile

Sign your school up to take part in the Childhood Day Mile in 2025! Have fun, get active and raise money to help keep children safe.

Sign up for 2025
Sign up for 2025

Thank you for taking part in the Schools' Childhood Day Mile 2024!

We hope you had fun moving a mile with your school this Childhood Day! Thank you for playing your part in helping keep children safe from abuse.

If you missed this year's Schools' Childhood Day Mile, or you are eager for more, sign-ups for the 2025 event are now open!


All it takes is moving a mile and a donation from parents and carers. However you move your mile – whether you go parading around the playground, dancing in the dinner hall or lunging between lessons – every pound you raise will help support the NSPCC’s vital work.

When you sign up, we'll send your school a free welcome pack, including a Childhood Day Mile spinner. You could use this on the day, as a fun way for pupils to choose how to move their mile. You'll also get access to the resources page with lots of useful assets including:

  • finger flexor game for pupils to make
  • measure your mile resource
  • Bing resources for nursery and early years
  • many games to play on your walk, from a treasure hunt to a Paper Dog walk
  • and loads of ideas for all ages.

Raising money is made easy with access to your school's own GiftT QR code, which can be sent home with pupils to collect donations or sponsorship from family and friends.

Sign up for 2025

3 easy steps to take part

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1. Sign up to register your school to take part!

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2. Plan your Childhood Day Mile using the resources we supply.

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3. Enjoy moving your mile on Friday 7 June and raise money to help keep children safe.

"I believe it is an important lesson for young children to learn to be able to 'pay it forward' in even the smallest way possible and how every penny* donated can make such a huge difference to so many people's lives. Our children had a memorable day doing this great deed and still speak about it today."

- Kelly Grove, Deputy Headteacher, Altmore Infant School, London

Sign up to the Childhood Day Mile 2025

Why your support matters


The NSPCC has been working to prevent child abuse for 140 years, and we know the only way we can keep all our children safe is if everyone works together. Schools are at the heart of towns and cities, and we need to get every school to bring their communities together to help keep children safe.

The money you raise could help the NSPCC run its Childline service to be there for children like Thomas* whenever they need support or advice.

Thomas* grew up in a happy childhood home but experienced loneliness and isolation as he got older and sought out friendship online where he was groomed and coerced into sending intimate images of himself.

"I was scared and couldn’t talk to family or friends so I called Childline for advice. I was worried they would report it, but they were completely confidential. That was the turnaround point. I had no idea what grooming was until I spoke to them. They helped me to build a way forward. Childline were the only people I spoke to and, back then, I was calling them a couple of times a week. Now life is much better – thanks to help from Childline."

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* Over 80% of our income comes from those who choose to give to us, and every pound and penny makes a difference. Around 75p in every £1 we spend goes directly to helping children and young people. The rest is spent on making sure we are providing the best possible services we can. For more information on how we spend the money you give us, visit our ‘How your money is spent’ page.”

** Names have been changed and photographs are posed by models.