The Big Breaktime resources page!

We’ve got lots of resources to help you plan, including paying in instructions, activity sheets and suggestions of what you could do in your hour of play.

Bing's Big Breaktime

More ideas for The Big Breaktime

Here are some activity suggestions for The Big Breaktime, but don't forget to get creative and make up some of your own! Share your pictures on social media and tag us with the hashtags #ChildhoodDay and #TheBigBreaktime.

  • Use Bing’s Big Breaktime resources from the downloadable activities - this includes colouring sheets and an ice cream game, bunny game and nature game.
  • Hold a teddy bears' picnic outside - children could bring their favourite soft toy from home and a special picnic lunch.
  • Have a disco hour with music and games.
  • Have a crafts hour - pupils could make cards, pictures or Bing's ears from Bing's Big Breaktime resources.
  • Have an hour of play 'through the ages' with classic games like skipping, catch, hopscotch, hide and seek, tag, What’s the time, Mr Wolf?, stuck in the mud, Simon says, I spy, beanbag toss or parachute.
  • Pupils can use the pen and paper activity sheet - choose any of the games to play.
  • Use Ant & Dec’s Propa Happy Playtime Power resource - try human Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • Hold a gigantic game of rounders, football, cricket or whatever you like! You could play teachers vs pupils.
  • Ask pupils to bring in a board game and use The Big Breaktime to play them together.
  • Have a crafts hour - pupils could bring in boxes and card from home to make instruments!
  • Have an hour of play 'through the ages' with classic games like skipping, catch, hopscotch, hide and seek, tag, Red Rover, What’s the time, Mr Wolf?, rounders, stuck in the mud, Cat's Cradle, Simon says, I spy or beanbag toss.

Paying your money in

All registered schools should receive a welcome letter with paying in instructions. If you've misplaced this letter with your supporter ID, or haven't received your welcome pack yet, please complete and return this paying in form. Your supporter ID may also be found on your Childhood Day emails.

You can pay in money:

  • directly to Barclays Bank via the pre-coded giro in your welcome pack
  • via cheque sent to NSPCC Schools Service, NSPCC, Bumpers Way, Bumpers Farm, Chippenham, SN14 6NG
  • online
  • by phone on 020 7825 2505.

Or your school may be using one of our cashless options like ParentPay, JustGiving or IRIS ParentMail.

Raising money has never been easier with JustGiving QR codes. You can see your QR code by typing ‘/qrcode’ at the end of your page's URL. Save or screenshot this and include it on posters, emails and letters. Children can spread the word to their family and friends to encourage them to donate to your Big Breaktime event!

Remember to share your fundraising with parents and carers. We’ve got a letter you can share on your schools’ social media site too.

Returning sponsor forms: You'll find instructions for paying in money you've raised within your welcome letter or the paying in form. If your school has sponsor forms to return to NSPCC to enable us to claim gift aid, please return them by confidential and secure post (such as second class signed for). Address details can be found within your welcome letter or the paying in form. If you have any queries in relation to paying in the money you've raised, please email