Schools fundraising ideas

Fundraising events, ideas and tips to get your whole school involved.

Whether it's dressing up as your favourite superhero, getting creative with an art competition, running a bake sale or organising a quiz, there are lots of exciting ways you can fundraise for us and get the whole school involved.

No matter what activity you choose, your support will help us protect more children through services like Speak Out Stay Safe, helping them to recognise the signs of abuse and know to speak to someone if they're worried. 

Fundraise with Buddy 


We can help you make fundraising activities a part of your school's Speak Out Stay Safe assembly. The money raised by your school could help the NSPCC continue providing our Speak Out Stay Safe programme at no cost to primary schools, teaching children how to recognise abuse and neglect, and empowering them to speak out if they are worried about anything.

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Fundraising ideas for your school or class

If you’re not sure what type of fundraising event you want to do yet, don’t worry – we’ve got lots of ideas to help. Once you sign-up you'll receive a fundraising pack with everything you need to make your event a success.

  • Go green day
    The whole school can wear their brightest clothes, fluorescent face paint or favourite green accessory. 
  • Dress down day
     Keep it casual or have some fun and get dressed up. 
  • Have a bake sale
    Get the whole school baking and raising money for children with a school bake sale!
  • Make us your charity of the year
    If your school has a charity of the year, why not choose us and we can help you plan fundraising activities throughout the year. 

A-Z fundraising ideas

If you're looking for fundraising ideas, our A-Z guide will give you plenty of inspiration whether you're interested in challenges, events, crafts, or anything else.

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How to pay in your money

Whether donations are in the form of cash/cheques or your school uses a cashless option such as ParentPay, there are many easy ways to collect funds for the NSPCC.