Christmas jokes

Get ready for some festive cheer and bring laughter to your home this Christmas. These lighthearted activities are fun for the whole family.

Download the activity sheet
Download the activity sheet

There's nothing better than seeing the smiles on the faces of your loved ones when you're all gathered together for the holidays. And our Christmas joke activities for kids are just the thing to get them beaming. 

Download the activity sheet

Things to do on their own

Ages: 4+ | Activity type: Unsupervised | Prep time: 5 mins | Activity time: 1 hour | Cost and materials: £

Activity 1: Make a fun paper joke teller

Materials: Template printed onto 1x sheet of A4 paper, safety scissors


Make a fun joke teller to play with friends, family or anyone who comes to visit over Christmas!

To make the joke teller, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Cut out the square template or make a square by trimming down a piece of A4 paper
  • Step 2: Fold each corner to the opposite corner diagonally and then unfold flat
  • Step 3: Put the printed side face down. Fold each corner into the centre of the square
  • Step 4: Turn your paper back over so the folds are now face down. Just like the last step, fold each corner into the middle. Your square should be smaller now
  • Step 5: Fold your paper in half from top to bottom and then again from side to side
  • Step 6: Open the flaps and put your fingers inside to control the joke teller

Once you’ve made one, you can ask people to play to find out which joke they’ve chosen.

Once the joke teller is made, ask someone to choose one of the numbers on the outside. Then you count down the number they chose on the fortune teller by opening it top-to-bottom and side-to-side. After that, they choose a Christmassy item and read the joke that’s hidden under that flap.

Activity 2: Customise your own fortune teller


Materials: 1x sheet of A4 or square paper, safety scissors

After you’ve made one using the template, why not make up your own?

You could make one with the Christmas facts on these activity sheets, one to predict whether it’ll be a white Christmas or even to see if the person’s on Santa’s good list!