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Lockdown fundraising: asking for sponsorship

Images and posts you can share on social media to help your fundraising

It can feel a bit awkward asking people to sponsor you for your upcoming event while socially distancing, but the key is getting the message out early to make sure people have plenty of opportunities to donate.

Rather than asking friends and family individually, we'd suggest using social media – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin.

How to ask on social media

It's important to let friends and family know why their donations are so vital in making sure we can still be here for children. If you're not sure what to post, we've got some helpful suggestions.

The best social media posts have photos. We’ve created some images that you can download below and share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Alternatively, why not post a photo of yourself in your NSPCC running vest, or doing your training workout?

Get our Facebook frame

Show your support for #TeamNSPCC by including our Facebook frame on your profile picture, and remind everyone that you're doing something amazing. Just follow these simple instructions to update your photo:

Use our Instagram stickers

You can also use our Giphy stickers on your Instagram posts - just select the GIFS feature on your stories, and search for NSPCC or Team NSPCC.

Messages to copy and paste

Not sure what to write in your post? Use one of our pre-written posts from the list below and copy and paste into your social media post:

    • The NSPCC is still here for children. More children are reaching out to Childline worried about the coronavirus. With schools closed, many vulnerable children are at risk. And across the country, families are struggling to adapt to lockdown. That's why I'm fundraising for the NSPCC. Please donate via my [JustGiving/Virgin Money Giving] page:
    • Sadly, home isn't a safe place for every child. With schools closed, many vulnerable children are at risk. But the NSPCC is still here for children. I'm running the [EVENT NAME] – please sponsor me.
    • Childline is still here for children. The dedicated Childline counsellors haven't stopped taking calls from children. And I won't stop fundraising. Please donate to my fundraising page, to help protect children today and prevent abuse tomorrow.
    • 🚂 Childline volunteers are still commuting to Childline bases across the UK so that they can be there for children. Will you donate the cost of your usual weekly commute to my fundraising page to help protect children today? Many children have been the hidden victims of the pandemic, and the effects are far from over. We need your help so we can still be here for children. Because no child should be left to cope alone.
    • Lockdown is making my training for [EVENT NAME] a bit tricky, but I'm using my one hour for exercise each day to continue my training. There's [INSERT NUMBER] days until the race. Will you sponsor me?
    • Are you missing Friday after work drinks? Please donate the money you'd usually spend on a round of drinks to my fundraising page for the NSPCC. I won't stop until abuse stops.
    • During lockdown the NSPCC is still there for children. Whilst young people call Childline with concerns, Childline volunteers are there to support them, but they need us now more than ever. Donate to my fundraising for the NSPCC to help make sure they can be there for #EveryChildhood
    • Keep your social distance! ✋ Instead of buying me a birthday drink or present, will you donate to my fundraising page for the NSPCC? £4 could pay for a trained volunteer counsellor to pick up a child's call to Childline.
    • I'm still fundraising ahead of the [EVENT NAME] on [EVENT DATE]. Please sponsor me – the money that you donate today can be used to help children who need help now.
    • The NSPCC is still working hard at this time to help be there for children who need them most. Plus they have created lots of content for parents and carers sharing advice about supporting children during this time. The NSPCC is facing challenges during this time, that's why I'm still carrying on my fundraising efforts towards [EVENT NAME].