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Lockdown fundraising: asking for sponsorship

Images and posts you can share on social media to help your fundraising

It can feel a bit awkward asking people to sponsor you for your upcoming event while socially distancing, but the key is getting the message out early to make sure people have plenty of opportunities to donate.

Rather than asking friends and family individually, we'd suggest using social media – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin.

How to ask on social media

It's important to let friends and family know why their donations are so vital in making sure we can still be here for children. If you're not sure what to post, we've got some helpful suggestions.

The best social media posts have photos. We’ve created some images that you can download below and share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Alternatively, why not post a photo of yourself in your NSPCC running vest, or doing your training workout?

Get our Facebook frame

Show your support for #TeamNSPCC by including our Facebook frame on your profile picture, and remind everyone that you're doing something amazing. Just follow these simple instructions to update your photo:

You can also use our Giphy stickers on your Instagram posts - just select the GIFS feature on your stories, and search for NSPCC or Team NSPCC.