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Make us your Charity of Choice

Making us your Charity of Choice is a fantastic way to fundraise and means you can choose to support us for as long as you like.

However long you support us, you'll be making a huge difference to children and young people. Below you'll find more information from us and our amazing supporters about making us your Charity of Choice.

It's all about timing!

It’s a good idea to think about whether you do have a time frame in mind, as this may help you plan what activities you’d like to do for us and how quickly you need to let everyone know. If you’re choosing a shorter period, like a quarter of the year, you may want to pick a smaller activity per week or work towards one bigger activity at the end of each month.

If you’d like to choose us as your ongoing Charity of Choice, you might like to think about whether there will be set times in the year you’ll plan to arrange activities. For example, you might choose to support us on Childhood Day or at Christmas when we have national appeals alongside fundraising ideas for you to get involved in.

You may choose to do one activity per month, like a dress-down day or a bake sale. Or you might want to do an annual active fundraiser and choose something from our events and challenges, or create your own!

If you’re ready to get started, why not check out our Fundraising ideas or Download resources pages?

The Ice Co

Raising money for charities nominated by our team has been a huge part of our company culture for many years.


Our team feel very passionate about ensuring the safety and protection of children, so we were keen to support the NSPCC as one of our chosen charities, donating £665 from our Annual Charity Day. 


The day consists of activities such as a raffle and sponsored ‘ice dunking’. Not only does it raise lots of money for charities, but it also has a positive effect on our business by boosting morale and bringing our teams together.

Lucy Barrow, Head of Marketing, The Ice Co

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