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Raise money through sales

Your business can help raise vital funds through your own services or product sales.

Do you want to help raise money for us through a sales promotion on a product or service your business offers? You could create new products for your customers where a percentage will be donated to us, or donate a percentage from a current product or service you offer. 

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Supporting us commercially

If you'd like to support us by linking fundraising to the sale of products, this is called cause-related marketing. Typically, this involves a company donating a certain amount for every product or service sold or donating a percentage of the sales price or profit. In either case, the donation is conditional on a sale to the public.

There are laws in place that govern this type of fundraising, no matter what size your business is, or how much you hope to raise. To fundraise in this way, you'd need to speak to one of our subject matter experts. They'll be able to discuss if you can go ahead with your fundraising idea, or if there might be other ways to support us that are more beneficial to you and us. Please get in touch at to discuss this further.

Using the NSPCC logo

You may want to use our logo to promote any support you’re giving to us. It’s important that you ask permission from us before doing this. This is especially important if you want to use the logo on a product, your website or any other promotional materials. Incorrect use, or use without permission, could breach guidance from the Fundraising Regulators Code of Practice and HMRC.

We have a range of different resources like posters and invitation templates featuring our logo that can help you promote your fundraising events. If you’re unsure what to use or would like to discuss using our logo, please get in touch at to discuss further.