Right now, many children are struggling to cope.

They're facing abuse, neglect, and bullying, and their mental health is at breaking point. Thousands of children are calling Childline with thoughts of self-harm and suicide, and many have nowhere else to turn.

Childline must be here for children this winter. But we need your help.

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I’ve been feeling so lonely over the past few months and have been through so much this year. I’m feeling really suicidal.


I have tried to end it before and have been in hospital. I don’t want to live until Christmas.

How your donations make an impact

Every 25 seconds a child contacts Childline for help.

This year, Childline has seen a 29% rise in calls from young children struggling with their mental health.

Around 90% of our funding comes from our supporters, helping us reach children across the UK.

There are lots of ways you can support our work if you aren't able to donate online.

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We've agreed to stick to a strict set of codes and a fundraising promise, which means we treat our supporters and donors with respect, fairness and honesty and we are always clear about how we raise money

Around 80p in every £1 we spend goes directly to helping children and young people. This includes working with children and families, our helplines, schools service and child protection and awareness campaigns like PANTS. Read our Annual Report (PDF).

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If you have a question about donating or if you'd like to set up, amend or cancel a direct debit, our Supporter Care team is on hand to help.

Call us Monday – Friday 9.00am-5.00pm or complete our form below. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.

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This is a true story but names have been changed and photographs have been posed by models.

Your donation could go towards our therapeutic services, or it could help us fund services like our helpline and Childline. Wherever the need is greatest, that’s where your donation will go.