BT and Childline

Working together to make sure that young people have a place to turn to, whenever they need it.

Supporting our work for 30 years

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4 million children and young people have received advice and support across the UK since Esther Rantzen founded Childline in 1986.  Without BT providing hardware, volunteers and office space, starting Childline wouldn't have been possible.

For the last 30 years, BT’s expertise, fundraising and volunteers have given children across the UK a place to turn to when they've had nowhere else.

The £11 million that BT has raised has funded the training of hundreds of counsellors, who've spoken to thousands of children about problems ranging from abuse and bullying, to family tensions and teenage pregnancy.

"BT is wholly committed to the cause and will continue to assure that more and more young people in need can be heard."
Sir Michael Rake / Chairman, BT

30 years of BT


BT helped set up the Childline service – they provided phones, volunteers and the iconic 8-digit freephone number which we still use today.


BT helped to build a supporter database and ensure Childline’s long-term future, by sending out the UK’s largest ever mailshot at that time.


They funded the first anti-bullying packs for schools, while raising £2.4 million for the service through the BT swimathons.


BT worked with mobile providers across the UK to ensure Childline calls remained anonymous and free.


BT provided secure funds and strategic advice to support Childline’s merger with the NSPCC.


Today, NSPCC Childline is one of BT’s strategic partners. BT are helping to transform the Childline website with their funds and expertise.

Helping us be there for every child

Without BT’s incredible dedication and support, Childline wouldn't be the unique service for children it is today.

"Childline gives children the chance to speak out"
Aaron Hearne / NSPCC Supporter