Your vote can build a better future

Together we can help children who’ve been abused to rebuild their lives

Build a child's house. Rebuild children's future.

In London, 93% of children who've been sexually abused get no help. Your support will build the UK's first ever Child's House, and give the children of North London a safe haven.

The UK's first Child's House is a ground-breaking service which provides guaranteed and rapid access to therapy from dedicated experts, following sexual abuse all under one roof. 

3 reasons to vote NSPCC: 

    • you'll be at the heart of our work with children
      your talent and skills will help us build, develop and launch the UK’s first Child’s House.
    • we'll give you unforgettable fundraising experiences
      from treking to China, tackling the Gherkin challenge, taking part in NSPCC Ski or doing something uniquely Morgan Stanley.
    • leave a lasting legacy for children
      you'll create a step change in how the UK deals with child abuse and support the children who need it the most. 

We cannot achieve any of this without you. Follow the links via Morgan Stanley's Community Affairs.


How your vote can make a huge difference

Right now only 141 children receive the support they need. Child’s House could give support and therapy to 1,000 children known to local authorities in London. 

Child’s House will reduce the waiting time for children to give evidence and access therapy from 3 months to 2 days.

A Child's House will mean that children will only have to visit 1 place instead of 6 different agencies in order to get the support they need. 

Vote for us

Voting closes: 3 March 2017

Vote NSPCC Scotland via Community Affairs. 

"There is nothing better than seeing a child walk away after their last session; beaming, confident – a whole person."
Caroline / NSPCC Child Play Therapist


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