Protecting a generation

Through services such as Speak out Stay safe, volunteers like Michelle give a generation of children the knowledge they need to stay safe from abuse.

Watch Michelle's story
Watch Michelle's story

1 in 5 children in the UK have suffered abuse, robbing them of their childhood1.

That’s why volunteers like Michelle visit primary schools across the UK and Channel Islands to give children the knowledge they need to stay safe from harm. 

Here Michelle tells the story that’s stayed with her and how she was able to help a little girl speak out and get the help she needed.

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Speak out Stay safe

How does it work?

Volunteers like Michelle visit primary schools across the UK to give a generation of children the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse and neglect.

In 2017/18, our Speak out Stay safe volunteers visited over 8,000 schools and spoke to nearly 1.8 million children, teaching them that abuse is never OK.

But our aim is to visit every school so we can help to keep all children safe. And we can only do that with your support.

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“I go into the schools and talk to the children about different ways that they can be hurt, and talk to them about speaking out to a trusted adult if anything’s making them sad, worried, anxious or frightened.”

Michelle / Speak out Stay safe volunteer

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  1. Based on NSPCC research with 2,275 young people aged 11-17. 18.6 % of 11 to 17s, or approximately 1 in 5, reported severe maltreatment at some point in childhood.

    This figure relates to their experiences so far in their lifetime; so either they have been abused (but no longer are being, but may still be suffering its effects), or they are currently being abused. It doesn't include what they might go on to experience before they reach adulthood.

    Source: Radford et al (2011) Child abuse and neglect in the UK today.