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Help us #CloseTheLoophole in the law so it’s illegal for all adults to engage in sexual activity with any young person under 18 in their care.

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It's illegal for teachers, care workers and youth justice workers to have sex with 16 or 17-year-olds in their care. But there's a loophole in the law that means other adults who hold a position of power over a young person can legally have sex with them. This is wrong.

In 2017, the government made a commitment to include sports coaches in the Position of Trust law. But now they've backtracked. We're calling for the law to be extended to include any adult who holds a position of power over 16 or 17-year-olds.

Whether it's taking part in sport, during a driving lesson, or attending a faith or youth group, we need your voice to ensure all young people are safe.

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Why we need to #CloseTheLoophole

Since the age of 13, Megan* was trained in her local sports club by Will*, a coach in his thirties. When Megan was 16, Will began sending sexual messages to her. He started a sexual relationship after she turned 17.

"We used to speak on webcam and he would ask me to do sexual things but I said no. He would go in a mood. He carried on coaching me and would pick me up first and drop me off last so we'd be alone together in his car. He would pull over somewhere quiet and that's when things would happen."

Will abused his position of power. If he'd been a teacher or a social worker, the police would have been able to charge him under the Position of Trust law in the Sexual Offences Act. But because sports coaches aren't covered by this law, the police weren't able to bring any charges against him.

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Loophole allows adults to abuse their position of trust

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This is a true story but names have been changed to protect identities and photographs have been posed by models.