Wild West Web

Together we can protect children from abuse online. Take action now and help us end the #WildWestWeb.

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Take action

Help us end the #WildWestWeb

Last year, over 45,000 supporters urged the government to introduce new laws to protect children from sexual abuse online.

Your voice was heard and we got a commitment that tech companies would be regulated. On 12 February 2020, government confirmed their proposals for new laws.

Now it’s time for government to publish the Online Harms Bill and hold tech companies to account. We know big tech will pull out all the stops to try and prevent this from happening.

We need your help to get your MP’s support in Parliament and make sure government delivers on their promise.

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We need a new law to protect children online

We're asking the Government to create a new law to make social networks safer for children.

  • An independent regulator
    We demand an independent regulator is created who can put in place mandatory child safety rules for social networks and has the power to fine them if they don't make their networks safe.
  • Safe accounts for children
    We demand social networks offer safe accounts for children and proactively search for, and stop, child grooming on their platforms. Social networks must make it easier for users to report concerns about child safety and provide a dedicated fast-track process for reporting.
  • Detailed reporting on how they're keeping children safe
    We demand children and parents are told how safe the networks are. Social networks must publish details of how they’re keeping children safe and how they deal with reports and complaints.