Children’s stories

Real life stories of children who’ve experienced abuse and other difficulties – and how we’ve helped them.

Real life stories

These stories are the voices of children, parents, professionals and adults reflecting on their childhoods. They remind us of why it's important that we play our part in the fight for every childhood.

These stories don't just tell of abuse or neglect, but also of the difficulties children face in the justice and child protection systems, and how they're affected when their families struggle to bond with them as a baby or with alcohol or drug addictions.

But even though these children and families have experienced incredibly difficult times, their stories offer hope and inspiration that someone does care, and with the right support their lives can be turned around.

Whether they speak about how we've helped them through our helpline or our specially developed local services, the stories of these children show that abuse does change childhood – but so can we.

The children

Children's stories

"I was worried about the domestic violence my children had seen and how it might affect them. The NSPCC’s work with my children gave them the light back behind their eyes."

Read Margaret's story

Lee’s story

"I knew what he was doing was wrong. I wanted it to stop but part of me was afraid to speak out."

Read Lee’s story

Children's stories

"I'd kept this to myself for so long before I told anyone. My memory went blank as soon as I walked into the room."

Read Alice's story

Children's stories

"I didn't feel as though I was in control of my life… I was constantly being told by adults that I had to do things I didn't want to do."

Read Annie's story

John's story

"Dad would spend as much as £40 a day on heroin, but only £20 a fortnight on food."

Read John's story

Children's stories

"I'm just glad CTAC have been there to defend me through this experience."

Read Gracie's story

Children's stories

"I asked her if anyone had touched her anywhere private other than me or her father."

Read Helen and Maisie’s story

Children's stories

"The men were a lot older than me but they didn't blink an eye when I said I was 13."

Read Leila's story

Children's stories

"They told me I wasn't allowed to contact my mum or speak to anyone else."

Read Lam's story

Children's stories

"He’d arranged to meet the girls out of school on the Monday and take them off with him."

Read Leslie’s story

Children's stories

"When I lived with my dad I felt like nothing. I felt like he didn’t care about me, all he cared about was the drugs."

Read Kimberley's story

Children's stories

"I even felt lonely when mum and dad were in the house because mentally they were completely out of it."

Read Sophie's story

children's stories

"If I had got help earlier it would have helped me to come to terms with the assault earlier and I could have started to get on with my life. It would have stopped the anger bubbling away inside me."

Read Jamie's story

Children's stories

"People knew I was struggling but they didn't know the extent."

Read Sophie, Damion and Florence's story

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