1001 Critical Days manifesto to help prevent child abuse

We support moves to make early intervention a priority, says Peter Wanless

The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto takes its title from the period of conception to age 2 when a baby's brain is developing fastest and he or she is most susceptible to forming strong bonds of attachment with a primary carer. This period has a lasting impact and certainly sets a child up for the best start to life, in school and into adulthood.

Following its relaunch in Parliament, a record number of MPs from all sides of the House have put their names in support of adopting it as Government policy across a number of health-led departments. 

Around 26% of babies (198,000) in the UK are estimated to be living within complex family situations, of heightened risk where there are problems such as substance misuse, mental illness or domestic violence, whilst 36% of serious case reviews involve a baby under the age of 1. 

The best chance to turn this around is during the 1001 critical days.

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Peter Wanless, NSPCC CEO said:
Peter Wanless"We're delighted to endorse the 1001 Critical Days cross-party manifesto.

"We believe that every baby should be safe, nurtured and able to thrive.

"Healthy development during pregnancy and infancy leads to better social and emotional outcomes, so babies are more likely to grow up to be happy, healthy and fully contributing members of society.

"Many families face pressures that can affect the care babies receive - the manifesto provides a system-wide approach to supporting parents, families and communities to make sure that all babies are safe and get the best possible start in life."

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