Adam Johnson case highlights Flaw in the Law

An adult can't always be charged for sending sexual messages to a child

PhoneWe're calling on the Government to urgently bring into force a law that means it's illegal for an adult to send a child sexual messages.

Former England footballer Adam Johnson's second appeal against his conviction and sentence for sexual activity with a child is heard at the Court of Appeal this week.

Johnson was convicted of meeting a 15-year-old girl after grooming her. But the grooming itself was not a crime at the time.

Our campaign Flaw in the Law saw more than 50,000 people sign our petition to fix the loophole in the law, but there's been a 2 year delay in giving police powers to catch adults sending sexual messages to children.

NSPCC spokesperson said:
"Prior to meeting with a 15-year-old girl, Johnson exchanged more than 800 messages with her. These messages said he wanted ‘more than a kiss’ and to take her jeans off.

“These kinds of messages would be an offence if they were sent in Scotland, but in England and Wales police are powerless to intervene because anti-grooming laws created 2 years ago have yet to be brought into force.

“The Government’s delay in stopping this kind of grooming is a disgrace. Justice Secretary Liz Truss must act with urgency to fix this flaw in the law and stop abuse before it starts."

Help us end the Flaw in the Law

This week marks the 2 year annniversary of Parliament passing an anti-grooming law to make it illegal to send a sexual message to a child, but this law still has not been given a start date.

Until they do this, the police can't charge people with the offence in England and Wales.

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