Adventurers take on new challenges to keep children safe

David Tait, Mathew Bennett and Peter Goodall will conquer the world's highest mountains and the Gobi Desert to raise money for NSPCC 

Our supporters always want to make a difference and often find exciting ways to fundraise for us. This year, 3 of them are taking on new expeditions across the world. And it's all to fight for every childhood.

David sets off on his sixth expedition to Mount Everest

This April, David Tait will make the journey to Asia to embark on a sixth expedition to summit Mount Everest.

David, 55, has already raised over £1million for us. After being abused as a child, David is determined to make sure we protect as many children as possible through our work. 

His expedition will be self-funded and all money raised will go towards our School Service to delivery our Speak out Stay safe programme.

"My only goal is to raise money for the NSPCC. Any achievements on the mountain will be incidental and an effort to entertain and inspire those whose support the charity most desperately needs."
David Tait

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Mathew aims for new world record with his unaided Gobi Desert trek

Having conquered the Atlantic Ocean by breaking a world record and raising over £120,000 for NSPCC in 2016, Mathew Bennett now takes on the unforgiving terrain of the Gobi Desert.

With his teammates, Elise and Luke, they'll cover over 1400 miles and will be pulling all their supplies on custom-built trailers as they travel from the western edge of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to its far eastern corner.

This latest expedition has never been attempted before. They anticipate the journey will take between 50 to 60 days, fighting the elements and the ever-continuing search for water, with Mathew looking for another entry into the record books. 

"Knowing that with every step we make, we are raising money and awareness to support the amazing work the NSPCC does will keep us driven to the very end"
Mathew Bennett

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Peter scales the Seven Summits 

Keen mountaineering enthusiast, Peter Goodall is taking on his 2 ½ hemispheres challenge to conquer The Seven Summits - the highest mountain peaks across all 7 continents.

Peter will be raising money for both the NSPCC and MIND by his self-funded expeditions.

He finds his solace at high altitude and feels that by reaching these pinnacles he can support services he truly connects with.

After reaching the top of Aconcagua in 2016, he'll tackle the remaining 6 summits between July 2017 and 2020.

"Every additional ounce of effort will contribute to something far greater than me or any of these mountains I climb and this makes me feel privileged."
Peter Goodall

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Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC, said:
"These three individuals are inspirational in the lengths they are going to raising essential funds to support our fight for every childhood. Pushing their bodies to extreme feats of endurance shows extraordinary bravery.

"With over £1million raised to support the NSPCC after past mountain climbs, David has already changed the lives of thousands of children and is pushing himself to do even more. Mathew is an exceptional person who is dedicated to give young people better lives. Peter is dedicating years of his time and effort to support us and another very worthy cause.

"On behalf of every child and family their fundraising will support, I would like to thank David, Mathew and Peter and encourage you all to get behind them."