Giant footprints at Filey Beach leave lasting impression

On the hottest July day ever recorded in the UK, world-renowned sand artist Jamie Wardley and his team were hard at work creating a giant visual display at Filey Beach in Yorkshire, set to leave a lasting impression.

The 6 footpints will be recreated on July 4 and 5 for people to visit, and take in the powerful visual representation of the importance of gifts in wills to help us end child abuse.

The sight of 6 striking footprints, on a giant scale, each over 6 feet in length were carved into the sand to encourage people to follow in the footsteps of those who have donated to the NSPCC in their will.

Currently, around one sixth of our work with children is a result of legacy gifts and these kind donations have a huge impact on our ability to give more children the safety they so urgently need.

By creating these striking footprints in the sand, we aim to highlight how leaving a donation in your will can truly help to make a difference. 

We would like to thank Yorkshire-based Wynsors World of Shoes for their support for this project. 

In the making

Sand in Your Eye

The 3D anamorphic sand drawing, which measures over 60 metres in depth and 20 metres in width, was led by world-renowned British sand artist, Jamie Wardley, and supported by Yorkshire-based Wynsors World of Shoes. 

Jamie from Sand in Your Eye, leaders in anamorphic beach art, spent 5 hours creating the six 3D anamorphic footprints and was working with sand artist, Claire Jamieson, to complete the giant art which will be replicated on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July to enable the public to observe how the sand art slowly takes shape.

Our inspiration

The footprints are inspired by supporters like Eithna Greenwell, a retired teacher who has chosen to leave a gift in her will to the NSPCC to reflect her happy and lifelong career working with young people. I have had a wonderful career working with children and young people, and when I came to write my will I decided that I wanted to include a gift to reflect that.

"It's not much - just a small percentage - but it's important to me that it's included and I'd encourage people to consider following in my footstepes and supporting the NSPCC in this way."

Head of Legacy and Tribute Fundraising Alex McDowell said:

"This sand drawing is a visual representation of the big difference a small gift in your will can make to a child's life. The six footprints represent the one sixth of the NSPCC's funding that comes from gifts in wills, while the sand echoes its use in our therapeutic services to help children recover from abuse.

"Unlike the sand drawing, which will be washed away by the sea at the end of each day, by leaving a gift in your will to the NSPCC, you could create a lasting legacy. 

"The artwork also provides us with a unique opportunity to recognise everyone who has already chosen to help protect children through a gift in their will. We really hope that members of the public will follow in the footsteps of the growing number of people who have included the NSPCC in their will, helping us to continue to fight for every childhood, whatever challenges children may face in the future."