How football can help the fight for every childhood

Skipper for our 2014 World Footie winning team, David Milne, explains  why they're back to defend their title.

World footie"It's great to take part in something you really enjoy and know you're also making a difference to children's lives. 

"When you're a kid, there's nothing that beats having a kick about with your dad out the back of the house. It's the kind of thing most of us take for granted but many of the children the NSPCC works with have never had that experience because their families face some really difficult, complex problems. 

"With the football season over, it was great to fit in an extra day of five-a-side football with our mates at last summer's tournament. 

"There were a whole range of teams - blokes who regularly play five-a-side, workmates and friends who'd just got together for a fun day out. It was a hot day and we had some tough competition to beat. 

"While we were fighting it out on the pitch, there was loads of great entertainment for families and friends cheering from the sidelines. The final match commentary, really made you feel like you were part of something special. 

"Since the tournament last year, I've become a dad myself so the work of NSPCC Scotland means even more to me now. And of course, we've got to defend our title. So we're definitely taking part again this year and encouraging all our friends to do the same."